New Innergy Growth & Innovation

We create and foster growth within individuals, businesses and organizations, connecting a wide range of disciplines, geographies and cultures.
We do this by providing advice, introductions, access to resources and hands-on support. At every step along the way we utilize the unique talents, experience and humanity of the professionals who comprise our multicultural, multidisciplinary, international network.
More specifically, we provide:

  • Local, National & International Introductions
  • Project, Business & Community Development
  • Entrepreneurial Support and Implementation
  • Coaching and Brainstorming
  • Resource and Information Sourcing

Sectors we have worked in include renewable energy, innovation clusters, retail, real estate, leisure industry, franchising, financing, security, urban development, project management, marketing, technology, electronics, media, consultancy.

By creating meaningful connections at the convergence of business, technology, policy, media, design and multicultural identity, New Innergy helps clients link the positive actions of their own lives to change in the outside world, accelerating growth & innovation

What are the fees?

•      Each client is unique, and we treat them that way.
•      Consultancy and Coaching services are paid on hour, day or retainer basis.
•      Business and Project Development services can be paid in a combination of fee plus commission.
•      Entrepreneurial support fees are tailored to the project.

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